I had the chance to play on the streets of the NorthSide on Main Street for the annual Art show.  It was good, all around.  Great weather (for a change, I heard) and lots of folks cruising the booths and nice opportunities to connect with kids, families and moms, especially Sunday for Mother’s Day.  No sound system again, which I’m really beginning to like.  It draws folks in. 


I played for several little kids which set up a nice performing situation with older folks watching the little kids dance and move.  (recalls vaudeville ‘animal and kid acts…)  One set of Chinese folks with two wonderful girls played with me.  And, as I counted my tip money from my mando case, I found a 1 Yen bill in there, complete with chairman Mao.  cool.  also a $2 bill. 


Nice to play for hometown folks, and I reconnected with some old rock and rollers from Sidewinder and Pickens.  I enjoyed surprising people.