I’m back in the car (4th day in a row of +350 miles) from home to NE CT and then to Bethlehem. 


The Mansfield Library (motto: “You can’t get there from here”) is in the beautiful, rolling hills of NE CT, and the old GPS took me through some wonderful July countryside.  Ah, yes. Cool


The library gig was families, gran folks, and three babies, too.  As usual, we passed it around, you know, jes foolin’ ’round.  Everyone had their time in the spotlight and we created community.  I love these gatherings, especially because they are nurtured by children’s librarians like Judy at the Mansfield Library.  She saw me in Manchester and invited me to her library.  These wonderful folks bring the culture into small town communities, and for free.  ….and I get paid, too!


Off to Bethlehem for my Musikfest sets on Sunday.  A big family set at Banana Platz at 12 noon, and a quickie adult set at Lyrik Platz at 8:00 pm.