Macungie (the Great Bear Swamp), PA

One of my favorite towns in America.  I’ve roamed the hills of Macungie since my last days of Lehigh.  I still remember the tornado that hit Long Swamp in the early 70’s.  I worked carpentry out of college for my ‘patron of the arts’ Harry Duft, my first boss/piano player. 


The Shimerville Sheiks were born and (in)bred outside of Sietzville on a hippie-dippie farm.  And I’ll be returning to Huffs Church at Landhaven in March. 


My family, Kim, my wife, Rosalie and Jaimie) started on Beck Road, a 1700’s tenant farmhouse with a small, old German-built barn.  The gardens we left were the hardest thing to leave.


I left home (CT) for PA on Friday morning, in the rain, expecting to play at 5:30.  I arrived at the ‘obviously’ downsized festival.  Pulled in and called the contact.  No gig.  No contract. No check.  Hmmm.


I checked in with my friend/sound engineer Phil at the main stage and he was able to finangle a travel check for me. Thanks, Phil. (City Entertainment)


I drove home to CT and got there about 10:30 pm.  Long day, but a rare bummer gig.  I really wanted to play Macungie.  It’s now genetic, if you know what I mean.