An interesting day at Musikfest, with a family show at noon, and an adult show at 8 pm.


Bananaplatz is the family stage, so I opened it with clouds of rain fading off to the east.  Small crowd, but with some smiling fans glad to be there.  I was taped for the TV news, so I asked everyone to move infront of the camera to make it look filled.  (actually, not, but lots of shots of kids dancing..)  It was an hour and a half set, so it was a workout, really humid, but a good show. 


Lyrikplatz is the ‘songwriter’ stage, not far from old Familienplatz near the Tannery.  I shared the field with Cast in Bronze. a carillon consisting of 35 bells with a total weight of four tons. It is played by a modified keyboard with the fists and feet.  The carillon is played by a silent and masked “spirit of the bells” that appears only to breathe life into the instrument for the performance. Much pagentry, new agey sound track, that made me think of a Heavy Metal Yanni.


I thought ot myself, how do I follow that?  Anyway I did, and it was a brisk 35 set of some of my more recent material that felt so good to play. 


It stopped raining.