I had two back-to-back gigs in Madison, CT – my old hometown – today.  I visited my Alzheimer’s (and other seniors) group at Strong House for my monthly gig.  They started out pretty quiet, but soon were up and dancing.  One lady hoofed pretty nice, and came up afterwards and said she hadn’t danced like that in a while.   Nice.


I headed out to the Farmers Market in Madison for the first of the season.  Misty rain, but I was under cover.  There had been some press, so some moms and kids stopped over and the time flew by, with singing, shaking and carrying on.  Made some new friends and spread the word about the East Wharf Concerts coming up. 


I can away with $23 tips, fresh greens, a couple tastes of some fine cheese, two rolls of bread, and a small pie from the vendors.  That’s what I’m talking about!