I remember you from the 3rd and 4th grades, and YOU are still funny.  (Sincerely, Andrew)

I REALLY liked the show you put on today. It was really provocative.  (Sincerely, Willfred)


Today’s concert was the best.  I wanna say that you’re a successful man and exciting, too, because you made me laugh.  You bring joy to everyone’s heart, even mine. (Yours truly, Rayma)


It was fun to have you near. (Your friend, Dustin)


Thank you for your excellent talent.  It was fun, exciting and weird, but in a good way.  (Your pal and fan, Emily)


I really thought that your singing was ‘fonominal ‘ (phenomenal,  I had to look it up too, DF).  The one thing that keeps me going through the PSSA test is to know that you are coming to give us joy and happiness.  I think you are a professional man that likes to have fun.  I was so excited that it looked like I drank coffee. (Sincerely, Nathaniel)


I had no idea that a person can be a musician and a comedian at the same time.  Well, I don’t have much more to say, but that is because you leave me speechless.  (#1 Fan, Michaela)


You were fantabulasticala, meaning fantabulas but even better.  I loved all the songs.  It did relax me from writing and testing.  You are hilarious.  I know that you are the funniest musician ever. (Your casual 5th grader, Jessica)


Brothers and Sisters:


I have seen your concerts 3 years in a row and they seem to get better every year.  My brother saw the show this year for the first time and it was the first time we have ever seen him dance!  We sang Baby Shark all the way home that day. I was surprised that you were originally an engineer!  (Your fan,  K.)


Thank you for the show today.  My sister saw it, too. She is my annoying sister at home, but not at school.  Well, at the house, she always sings, and it gets annoying all the time.  My cousin is the worst because every time we say, “Dinner time”, she always says, “Me want Happy Meal” everyday.” Oh, yeah, she is 4 years old and maybe she’ll win a prize from the world’s most annoying kid contest.  (Sincerely, T.)


The Banjo:


My favorite instrument that you played was the banjo because it has a cool tone to it. (Your friend, Andy)


My favorite instrument was the banjo.  I like it because of its sound.  It sounds so perfect. (From Paul)


Cool  Stage Names:


I really had a giggle and a fun time.  My stage name would be Tomato Soup.  Also, you sure can play the instruments; you’re like the musician king.  (Sincerely, Megan)


My stage name would be Mr. Nerd.  (Your fan, Adriel)


The Cat Came Back:


The Cat Came Back was amazing.  I hope you come back like the cat.  (From Shaun)


It was the best concert ever.  I wish it would happen again. My favorite one is The Cat Came Back.  I mean, cats are hard to get rid of.  It was nice to see a banjo since I want to use one when I grow up.  (Sincerely, Jonathan)


The songs were funny, especially The Cat Came Back.  But I noticed that the songs are kind of country.  Maybe you can try funny songs with Hip Hop.  That’ll be so funny.  (Yo Yo Dog!  Maria)