The lads and I headed out, crack o’ dawn, I from CT and dem from PA, to a special education facility, autism, specifically.  We’ve played quite a few places like this, and its one of the special, hidden gigs that we do.  The kids get to get up and boogie (though we had some teachers working as ‘bouncers’ (they saved my acoustic guitar)).  Smiles on the kids, smiles on the staff.


We tried to cut back (me) on the talking and stretch the playing, and the band had to think on it’s feet, so to speak.  It was a good exercise for us, since we have a very smooth and comfortable show for most audieces.  (That’s why we can drive for three hours, set up and play… then drive back three hours.)


I was struck by the appreciation by staff and the joy in the faces and bodies of the kids.  The band knows it, too.  It’s a good job.