The first gig today was in Southwest Jersey at a small school near West Deptford.  I knew it would be a good gig when I signed in at the office, I noticed a 12-string guitar leaning against the wall in the principal’s office, and the custodian remembered me from my PBS-TV guitar program that was played in the Philly area.  I chatted with the principal begor the gig and talked about Woody Guthrie, so I invited him to come up and play 12-string on ‘This Land is Your Land’.  It’s always a good thing when someone from the school, be it music teacher, student or principal sits in with one of my shows.  Its wonderful to have the school community witness one of their own on stage, being creative.  Its quite a powerful statement.  A raucous affair, and a long drive back to Bethelehem for the afternoon show at Farmersville ES.  Busy day! Laughing