RockRoots had a double header in northern NJ on Friday.  The afternoon gig was at a Paramus middle school.  We we brought to this one when an assistant principal at a nearby school became principal at East Brook.  The music teacher turned out to be a spectacular pianist, and sat in on Charlie Stone.  We use it to demonstrate improvisation, and he knocked it out of the park.


The morning show was one of the more curious RR’s that we’ve encountered.  I was contacted by YANJ that we were not to play ‘I Like Peanut Butter’ as part of the show.  I replied that it is a focal point of audience participation and a valuable historical spotlight on Doo Wop music, and it  would also shorten the show.  The PTA said, that’s the way it has to be.


Anyway, I informed the lads as we set up, and we were all scratching our collective heads.  I finally asked the PTA ladies, who were very apologetic about the situation.  Seems there is one woman (with a child with allergies, apparently) who will not allow, has not allowed for 5 years, and will continue to not allow mention of PB for the forseeable future.  Wow….  and the ladies said that’s all they could say.  Allergy Facism leaps to mind….  Yell


We did the show and things were fine.  In fact, Kevin is posting some crowd shots from behind his drums at some of our RR gigs on his FaceBook page.