I stopped at the office and introduced myself, “Hi.  I’m Art.  I hear you are having a day for me.”  I had the previledge to wind up their Arts Day with a full house concert for ~ 550 kids and teachers.  I was reminded of John Gorka’s tune ‘Houses in the Fields’ that he wrote back when he was living in Easton and traveling to Godfrey’s on this very same road.  Increadibly built up to the point that this formerly small, rural school became one of the biggest in the district. 


I reflected on the scene, as everyone was up and dancing and ‘shakin’ that thang’ – wow! this is incredible!  One guitar, one guy and a whole community in touch.  Of course, the four teachers singing backup on Splish Splash helped a bunch too.  I told the kids that every day is Arts Day – all you have to do is a little time to write, draw, dance, sing, sculpt.  Creativity is a normal activity and should be as natural as recess.  I’m glad everyday is Arts Day for me.  Thanks, Farmersville for the lesson.  Wink


Off to NJ for a Teaching Artist seminar tomorrow.  No sound system!  Yea!