The Toddler Tour continues in Delaware.  A much more sedate crowd at this Pottery Barn, which is okay, especially with toddlers and distraught moms.  It was funny that I had the same back drop of kid’s bedroom furniture around me as yesterday.  I almost felt I had stayed there overnight.  Beam me in, Scotty!


One youngster came up and asked if I knew any Jimmy Buffett – too, soon, too soon to be embarrassing my repetoire….  But, the boy was singing along with everything, and I was surprised, considering his age, and that boy thing… singing along….  I commented to the mom that I noticed, and she said he sings every where.  Cool.  Now he has my CD, and he’ll really regret I don’t know any Buffett.


Another mom I chatted with, as her young son was attacking my banjo on its stand next to me. (It was okay…)  She said came to one of the shows last year, and it was the first time her son clapped.  I thing that’s cool, too. 


I am blessed to be able to play music with people.