After driving to Delaware, back to CT, dining on Italian food with Kim, Rosalie and Jaimie, getting licks from Sam the Dog, sleeping, getting licks from Sam the Dog, laundry, I headed out to my Strong House gig in Madison ($50).  And I realized why it was entirely worth it.  Although these folk have various physical and/or mental problems, they all want to get out and experience life, and look forward to me showing up.  Moments…  Whistling Mary and I traded licks (not in the Sam sense) – me on voice trombone and Mary on here whistle.  The Mandolin lady sat on  my right and finished all my songs on her tamborine – you can always pick out the musicians in the crowd…)  And we did a raucous send up of MacNamara’s Band with the room full of tamborines banishing the devil to the other side of St. Paddy’s Day.


The good vibes made the trip to Bethlehem through Friday night drive time much easier.  Laughing


Bucky Pizzarelli is at Godfrey’s tonight – world-class Jazz guitarist.  As my friend Phantom said, “Here’s a man that doesn’t need a capo.”  Amen…..  check out