I headed out of Bethlehem – “pre-crack o’ dawn” thanks to Daylight Savings Time – to Annapolis for a toddler/moms/grandmoms show at the Annapolis Pottery Barn for Kids in MD.


A couple of things….


A.  “Pottery” and “Kids” in the same logo ????


B.  It was nice to see the familiar faces on the staff at PB.  We agreed it was nice to still have jobs.  Even so, the store opens later, closes earlier.  The new opening time was 10:30 instead 10 am, so folks were gathering outside. So, I ventured outside the store and played (practiced/warmed up) for the gathering folks. 


C.  A great turn out for both shows, with a nice variety of babies, toddlers, pre-K kids and moms, grandmoms and me, and we nearly trashed the place.  Just kidding.  The place was energized and was very nice visit – connecting with a whole bunch of kids.  Worth 6 hours on the road.  Smile


Back down the pike to Christiana Mall for another one tomorrow.  I’m warmed up now.