Just drove back to Bethlehem, with a fabulous July sundown. I just played in Pen Argyl, PA on an old-fashioned clam-shell stage in a small town park. The old folks come and park their chairs, in the back – it’s safer there. The families spread blankets and old friends come out of the woodwork.

So, there I was, mixing it up for the assembled scene, when this guy and his wife and two kids pull up on one of the benches near the front. I thought to myself – that looks like John Gorka – but nah…what’s he doing in deepest, darkest Pennsylvania? So, I go on, and, as I do so often, I break a string, do a few more songs and take a break to repair the damage. (I have to say, the old guitar did remarkably well as a five string guitar…)

It was John, my old buddy and folk legend… His mom lives two blocks away, and they were in town visiting and saw my name on the park sign. I played “Branching Out” for the crowd, embarrassed him (not really). Looks like I’ll have to check on if I did it right, and re-learn it from my CD.

Simply a wonderful night, playing music in a park on a Sunday with old and new friends.

Busy week ahead in CT, MD, NJ and CT.