We attended your concert tonight in Pen Argyl, PA and I wanted to tell you how wonderful it was to see you perform. Your enthusiasm and energy was unbelievable and you really connected with your audience. When my friends suggested we come to the concert with them, we had no idea what we were getting into… but once we got there, it was great! We are now planning to come and see you at Musikfest in August too.. and we are bringing some more people with us!

I also wanted to thank you for spending some time with us after the concert was over and singing with the kids. I must say.. you MADE their day!! Before we even left for the concert the kids were talking about it… but then it continued all night long!! As a teacher, I understand that sometimes you just want to go home… but I also understand what it is like to touch the hearts and minds of kids. Thanks again for being so wonderful to them!

Thanks for the kind words, Debbie.