I just spent two intense and exciting days in Philly as part of an artistic/musical panel for PennPAT, a wonderful Pennsylvania resource for touring aritists (one I was lucky enough to be part of when I lived there). The panel listened to ~75 acts, reviewed promo, and decided on who would be added to the state roster. Classical, folk, jazz, world, and many interesting niches therein.

The panel included Larry Ridley, who toured on bass with Monk for 10 years (imagine how he hears music?!), Gabrielle Goodman, jazz vocalist from MA, Anthony Kelley, Duke professor of composition, and Vanessa Whang, arts consultant and musician from NYC. It was really neat to discuss musical excellence amongst these folks. It’s nice to be invited up to the White Tower every once in a while.

Thanks to PennPAT and Katie West for putting us to work – and feeding us. The chocolate brownies were really, really good!