I have some very talented friends, and Craig Thatcher is one of them. Tonight’s DNO was a special one, and especially because there was a nice crowd on hand, a rarity, with a lot of first-time visitors to the club.

Per usual, I really didn’t prepare anything except a set list, thinking I’d do some blues and some stuff off of Troubadour. I started with We Are Welcomed, which proves to be a good opener. We talked about Jorma, Rev. Gary Davis and his school of players, Woody Mann, and Craig did some great finger-picking tunes. I served up It’ll Be Me, Rosie is a Friend of Mine, Walkin’ Blues, We Gave Names to the Animals and finished up with Lessons From Pete. Craig did a new lullaby for his new granddaughter, Can’t Find My Way Home, While My Guitar Gently Weeps and I chimed in on mandolin on Hesitation Blues and See That My Grave is Kept Clean.

The banter was particularly heartfelt and fun. Lots of history, mutual respect and, of course, some very funny moments. As it always is at the DNO’s, everyone, including us, seem to enjoy the warmth and intimacy of the club. Craig also brought out three wonderful Martins. During one of my songs, the 000-16 I had leaned against the stage wall fell over and I remarked, “It’s only a Martin.” Chuckle. They bounce, but only once.

The Reflection, a regular addition to the end of these nights, brought out some great conversations, especially from the many newcomers to the club. As we went around the room, I asked that each person come up with what they liked from the evening and many folks commented on Godfrey’s atmosphere, and our obvious respect for each other, and I was glad that Ramona was in the house to hear some of the accolades for the club.

Needless to say, Craig is one of great guitarists in the Lehigh Valley and to have him back me up on some of my tunes was special. I should be able to get some good cuts for my radio show. Craig also mentioned how these Godfrey’s gigs are special for him, as well, and how he relishes playing in this room. A good friend and a great evening.

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