I got a last minute gig at the Easton Public Market on Friday, filling in for Dina Hall. My good friend Steve Capwell picked up on the information and told me that he’d be there. That was good news.

It was a particularly slow night for folks hanging out, chowing down and socializing at the market, but I set up and got started at 6 pm for my two hour set. Steve brought his portfolio of harps and we set right in. As always, Steve has a good set of ears on him and plays with taste, and, even better, not at all if the song calls for it. We played well and Steve’s presence surely helped the evening pass quickly, in spite of a small audience.

There were a few families there, and as the young daughters started to bop to the music, I engaged them and gave them CDs. One girl said that the family was on their way to Virginia in the morning and the mom said that the Peanut Butter CD would be welcome.

My friends Mary and Mike Ciocco showed up early – great supporters of local music – and I was surprised and glad to see them. They had some noodles and wings and then headed off to Godfrey’s for Jack Murray’s gig.

Not much of a gig, though the money was good and I had a chance to play music with a pal.