Part two of my very rare Saturday doubleheader. A local riding academy Equi-librium held and informal volunteer recognition fling at the nearby Mountain View Ice Cream/Miniature Golf/Snack Bar above Nazareth, PA. I was asked by my friends Rita and Ted to provide some background tunes as the folks gathered together. It was a grey day but temperatures were in the 60’s and not too bad. The proprietor asked me to set up facing the restaurant so as to not further piss off the neighbors behind the place. I dragged out my new amp for the occasion.

The stables are part of a therapeutic effort to mix horses with special needs people, and the volunteers certainly deserve celebration. “Healing Through Horses.”

I set in playing tunes as folks pulled up, started to mix, eat ice cream and have a good visit with each other. My friend Sue Wallace showed up and she was kind enough to treat me to a crock of chili after I finished up. The folks seemed to have a good time. I packed up and headed back home, when, upon arrival, I was pressed into service at Godfrey’s counter for the evening. I really was beat but pitched in. I needed all of Sunday to recover.

Mountain View, Nazareth