I did two morning sets in the TV-39 studios on Tuesday, this time without video-taping, simply a live session with kids, moms and grandmoms, for the most part. As usual, I was treated nicely by the staff, sound crew and all. Some of the folks go back to my time recording Play Guitar With Dave Fry back in the ’90’s up at the Mountaintop studio.

I was scheduled to do two thirty minute sets, give or take, but since it wasn’t a live TV show, I had room to go a little longer. I did much of my regular songs including Giants with two brothers on thundertubes that was fun.

I brought out The Bear Hunt for the first time in many months. It’s one that demands a live audience that I haven’t had during the pandemic. It was good to dust it off.

I was honored to be asked to be part of the series and glad that I’ll be part of the Summer Jam series during Musikfest. I’ll be there the last Sunday, August 15th.