At least I got a couple of days notice for this one. Still, it was touch and go getting there in time. I found out that I had to do a set at Donegan School at 10:30 am to wrap up the residency, which was just when I should be leaving for CT. I was able to switch things with Touchstone Theater to do my set with Names to the Animals at 10 am to start off the showcase (it was great) and then pack up and take off for Madison.

I got to town with a half hour to spare and set up under the big ole tree facing the pathway and started at 3 pm. Per usual, the first hour or so was playing to Madison’s gentry walking by with there artisanal veggies and sea food with nary a glance (or tip). Although my first tip was from a gentleman who through in a $2 bill. I laughed and lost my place in the song.

Eventually, some kids with moms, grandmoms and a few dads stopped by and we dug into the bag of instruments and connected. It seemed that there were fewer folks in town this time; perhaps vacations out of town. It was nice to strike up conversations with various folks, including a couple of women who were starting to play uke.

It was a long trip back through Friday evening traffic but I got home about 10 pm. I have Saturday morning off. Decent tips, and, surprisingly, I still enjoy getting out of Bethlehem for this monthly excursion. Perhaps that’s why I do it.