I was all warmed up for this one, having played a couple of gigs the day before, I set up in my usual spot with my small PA and up and running on time at 9:30. There were few folks out this Sunday, but the usual assortment of dog owners brought out the hounds for a little sniff or two. (There is a organic dog treat stand off to my right that gathers a regular crowd…)

I really like the opportunity to stretch my adult chops, pull out some tunes I’ve put up on FB recently (some Beatles stuff) and work on lyrics, tone, etc. just for kicks. Just play to the field.

Eventually a couple of kids, moms and dads stop by and we dig into the bag o’ instruments. The Clatterpillar is a new favorite. One young boy saw me across the field and zoned in on me, as I did him. A big ole grin hit his face. He was young enough to be pre-verbal but delighted in handing out shakers to others. Incredible connection.

A young mom brought her one-year old up in a carrier and plopped her right down in front. This little girl was amazing. She picked up a shaker and a small tamborine and started right in on the music, often using both hands (!!!) and occasionally vocalizing some joy. She was quite the audience to play to, and folks picked up on her fun.

Part of the success of this gig is not necessarily the tips (though appreciated) but how the older folk watch and enjoy the kids getting involved. I end up giving out several Peanut Butter CD’s to the parents, just to get the music in their ears.

It really is a three-ring circus, and I have the best seat. I played well, got paid and headed out for a music jam in Lancaster. Busy weekend.