This opportunity cropped up with only a few days notice, a return to my neighborhood farmers’ market a block from my place up on the Lehigh lower campus. I was glad to get the call from Deb. This farmers’ market is sponsored by Lehigh so there’s a nice check involved and I know some of the vendors from other sites.

It’s pretty sparse this year, with few students on campus and fewer vendors than before. The site is different and I was glad that Deb moved the musician’s tent down into the middle of the square, among the vendors and with nearby electricity. I set up my small system around 11 am and set out into a two hour set.

I appreciate the chance to exercise my rather expanded repertoire, so I was able to pull out some of the tunes I’ve done during my Kitchen Sessions, put them in play in public for the first time. It felt good.

As usual, the vendors and the market manager were really appreciative of the music, especially since there’s not a lot of traffic this year. It was interesting to see some of the students turn their ears to the music as they drifted by. They figured something’s going on here, still not quite sure what….