I was all prepared to spend the afternoon/evening recording 365 at the IceHouse with my friend Craig Thatcher, exploring some of the songs and reflections on my epic journey of posting a song a day over the last year. I’m up to 352 and on my way.

I got a call this afternoon that the sound guy tested positive for Covid and we decided to shut it down until Monday, March 22nd. It’s been that kind of year. But, Craig and I are all practiced up, for sure. so it goes.

I posted this notice on FB this morning, and I thought I’d share some of the wonderful comments.

I’ll be headed over to the IceHouse this afternoon to video tape 365, my reflections on a year of posting daily pandemic music online. I’ve invited my very good friend Craig Thatcher to join me in the celebration. The project will be released in a few weeks. What a long, strange trip it’s been.

Some replies: And hats off to ya’ for doing it. It’s definitely inspirational.

Your year of kitchen sessions has been wonderful. Thanks for doing it.

I am so glad that you have posted music this past year. I looked forward to listening to what you played each day-some favorites, some pieces new to me, kids songs that brought back wonderful memories. Thank you Dave❤️

I echo the thanks for the kitchen sessions. They helped me stay sane and I believe they were a positive for you too.

The Kitchen Sessions have been a joy. A glorious way to start each morning, an education and often a trip down memory lane. Thank you.

Your morning sessions songs were rays of sunshine in a year of cloudy days — thank you so much for sharing your talent with us.
Thank you Dave for your perseverance.
Grateful to you both for the wonderful efforts you have made to allow us to have music in our lives albeit on a screen not live!!??
You da best!!
You’ve helped us all get through this. Thanks.
It’s been a lonely year but comments like these resonate deeply.