I had another paying gig on Tuesday for a friend’s day care center in Hellertown. I’m still up in the air about doing live shows and this one was no different.

This was for the the Saucon Valley Community Center for about 12 kids and 6 teachers, held outside the facility on the open grass. They put up a pop-up tent for me/us, but upon further thought, that could be a net, too.

I doffed my mask as the kids pulled up towels about 6 feet away and I launched in. The kids caught on fast and away we went. Peanut Butter, Tutti Tah, Bear Hunt, Down By the Bay, Cat Came Back, etc. I leaned on the teachers to join in, and, by my last tune Jelly in the Dish, they were all out on the lawn, dancing with scarves on a nice sunny day.

Towards the end, I brought out my bag of shakers, sanitized the maracas and opened up some of the other instruments for the first time in 5 months. I established a protocol of one or two instruments with no sharing. With only a dozen kids in a controlled atmosphere, this seemed reasonable. It worked okay, but I had to think about it.

We finished with the scarves in a slight wind, but that was okay, too.

I got paid, put the money in the bank right away and headed home after twelve noon. Not bad work.

I did find myself wondering why I took the chance, and over the next 48 hours, I questioned every little cough, sneeze or headache. This is really weird. It’s three days later and I’m feeling fine, but it affects your life none the less.