It’s a pretty rainy day today with at chance of frost tonight. Jeesh.

I did a little prep for today. I wanted to do Blue Mule so I linked that up with the legend of Paul Bunyan and Blue Ox Babe. I opened with Shortening Bread, one I’ve been waiting to do for a while. It dawned on me to follow that with Five Little Monkeys, very much along the same lines of kids in bed. I went with it.

I introduce Paul Bunyan and Babe, and midway through I found a good spot to do Blue Mule. I then went back to the tall tale and finished it up. I think the storytelling can help diversify the half hour, though I could do a whole lot better with my theatrics. But, I’m animated enough and can make it engaging on the fly. Just needs work.

I reprised Peanut Butter and Jelly, knowing that it’s not bad thing to play some of the favorites. It’s a good thing, especially for the younger kids. Recognition and refresh movement skills.

I finished out with Splish Splash, introduced the tambourine. It was a pretty comfortable session and I was able to start on time and with no hitches. I’m glad to share it with Tagger,though he’s a camera hog sometimes.

I picked up $35 in tips, which was something good, for a change. There are some regular guests, both kids and adults.