There was a better lift off with Friday’s Kitchen Session. I was able to start at 10:30 on the dot. I played directly into the computer’s camera and mike, so I think the overall productions was crisper, though I look forward to the new camera I getting in the mail shortly.

I started out with I Like Peanut Butter, and knowing that John Christie was playing along at home, I gave him a lead. He texted me that he was playing his Gibson 335 with an old ’69 Fender Champ Amp! That was a funny “real time” thing to read while playing.

I followed with Skip to My Lou and Down By the Bay with fresh lyrics from Samantha and Jessica. I like the immediacy of these sessions, with feedback from listeners. I still haven’t found a way to scroll down to read later posts since I’m somewhat resigned to keeping my attention on the music and the camera “eye”. But, that’s what I’ve got to do.

I followed with Branching Out and Where are You Going, Rosalie – both turned out nicely. I ended up with I Wanna Be a Dog, coming in at around 31 minutes, something I was shooting for.

Some of the stats on the site are interesting: 203 views and couple of shares. It’s still building but I haven’t figured out the system yet. It seems my DF and DFM Face Book pages can’t, for some reason, be connected so promotion is still some what scattered. But I think I’m getting some good production that I may be able to split the songs into individual cuts for some Face Book entries and other potential uses down the line.