I was looking forward to this friendly jam in Emmaus, always a chance to play with friends, try some new songs, pass around some leads and reconnect. I get to noodle, too.

There were only five of us, with George, a new explorer, sitting in. So, we were able to move around the circle quickly and got to play a bunch of songs. I always try to mix up simple, jam-able songs with some more challenging tunes I need to get up to snuff. Tonight I pulled out Memphis, Rosie is a Friend of Mine and a new one,  May You Never. I had worked out a nice, crisp arrangement of the John Martyn song in the morning and played it strong at the jam. It seems to be a keeper. Mission accomplished for the evening.

We all listen to each other, figure out when and where to play and add to the song. Our endings are quite fabulous, if I don’t say so myself. I love trying to figure out the new songs, anticipate the chord changes, find my spot in the sound spectrum (mandolin? guitar? capo? etc.). It’s an artistic challenge, great when it works, and time well spent with other intelligent and caring people.

I get tips for this and that’s okay. ….and, Nadine brings a bag of single-serve meals that she saves up over a month. Damn!