I was asked to do a full-school event at noon for Holy Infancy, my local parochial school. It was scheduled for lunch time and I was to follow Lety Gutiarrez  who featured Hispanic dance and song. She started at 11:30 just as the kids dove into the food that the parents had cooked for their classrooms. She was a remarkable presenter and she had a very tough time slot.

New school near 5th St.

I set up for a 12 noon start and, thank goodness, the bulk of the kids had finished eating. They were up immediately and got them dancing right away. The energy was great and I think it surprised the new principal. Cat Came Back, I Like Peanut Butter, etc. The high point for us all was the Holy Infancy song we had written several years ago, complete with hand motions and sign language. Thanks to teacher Paula Gabriel, it was a great experience.

Again, I do this pro bono, since the school has been my neighborhood base, and it is extremely gratifying to return here and be supported by these wonderful kids and teachers.