I am in awe of George Hrab’s intellect and songwriting abilities; I was looking forward to having him on stage with me on Thursday. I wasn’t quite sure how to balance my portion of the show, but things turned out nicely. We had done this two years ago, so we were comfortable with the format.

I started out with Michael Cooney’s Figure It Out and it was a really good way to broach the philosophic endeavors of the evening. Short, sweet and slightly inane. And we were off.

There was a decent audience tonight, with some new folks in the house. George played some great tunes early on (Florida Man and I Hate Christmas) that set the stage for some interesting conversation. I asked about musical “bridges” and there was some great chat about that. We talked about playing for kids, songwriting in general and, as usual, the intellectual heat was good and entertaining.

Interestingly enough, I found my niches to comment, played some tunes that fit in the topics (Smokin’ Babies, Barrelhouse, Lessons from Pete, Santa Assassin…). And George and I have a palpable mutual respect that made for a balanced show. Lou did great on sound and we were really comfortable on stage.

As usual, the format continues be entertaining and electric, and something that I’m glad that my guests appreciate. Quite the unique evening that always surprise and delight me.