This is always a good day for me. I get to play two sets of music, interact with kids, parents and grandparents, and the BCC always puts out an incredible spread for these folks and their families. I should really starve myself for a week to really take advantage of the food. They really do it right, and, of course, they hire me.

My working space on Sunday morning, pre-gig.

The first seating was from 9 to 10:30 am for the parents who are able to dress up their kids at 8 am on an Sunday. I got there about 8:35 and was set up as folks started drifting in at 9. I’ve done this for many years so the older folk give me a nod, and the kids set their eyes on the bag. I usually start of with some Christmas carols (which I love to play) and, as the kids finish their breakfast, a few brave souls come up to join in. Then, it’s a rolling hour and a half of song and dance with the kids. I love the Christmas dresses of the young girls.

I checked in with Santa (my friend Jack McGavin). This is a great gig for both of us. Jack wrangled a round of golf this fall on this spectacular course as part of his pay last year. He said it was amazing.  I just like the food and the pay.

I had an hour between sets so I got to change my aged strings, find an empty chair in the bar room to collect myself for round two.

Folks arrived around 12:30 and it was a full house for this one, the staff having to find extra chairs upstairs. This time, the kids and a few moms were on the bag right away. This was going to be a lively one. Out went the puppets, tambourines, scarves, rain stick, et al. The nice thing about doing this regularly (and Halloween) the kids are already warmed up and ready to play. Some love to come up and stand right in front of me and we get down and deal with each other! The time passes quickly and I get to mix Christmas stuff with my regular kids stuff and, perhaps a Beatles’ tune.

I noticed today some cramping in my left/chordal hand, so I had to invent some novel ways to play in G. This something I’ve got to start dealing with, especially with three + hour gigs. I play a lot of the same shape chord and need to mix it up more. Gettin’ old sucks.