I sign up for the Fall and Spring Open House at Flint Hill every year, and though it only pays cheese, I embrace the chance to support Kathy and her efforts on this project. It’s a functional farm with goats, horses, gardens, etc. with an educational focus. Lots of community volunteers and events for the family.

It was a spectacular day, and I was fortunate to play outdoors in the nook of the small bank barn, my favorite place. Hay bales for seats, no PA and folks wandering by checking out the animals. It was a small turn-out this morning; they do better on a Sunday, but this was the only time I could do it. Regardless, if it’s just Dave Reber and me doing hammered dulcimer tunes or the occasional family that drops by, I’m fine with it all.

I used my borrowed Republic Tri-cone today, after trying it out at the Emmaus Jam on Thursday. It’s a mighty instrument, loud and with an interesting sound. It’s a treat to play one of these instruments, especially when it’s well crafted. (That’s the trick).

I got paid in goat cheese: Smoked Mozzarella, Smoked Italian Herb and Smoked Ricotta Firma. Kathy was most generous, mostly because she has great respect for me, which makes me a little bashful. But I am grateful for that.

I took time to relish the warm sun, the changing colors of the trees and a stunning blue sky. A good day working for cheese.