I pick up a few community gigs like this from the Community Action Committee of the Lehigh Valley, an organization that promotes health and community awareness in various neighborhoods in Bethlehem. Tonight was a film night – a Spider-man flick – with a giant inflatable screen erected on the basketball courts. I was part of the pre-show festivities, so I set up my chair and bag of instruments under a tree and started playing. It was hot.

Cesar “Spiderman” Cordova.

Bit by bit, kids and parents came over, picked up an instrument or puppet and we interacted. For the next hour and a half, I mixed it up with folks and we had a good time. Spider-man came over and played tambourine as well. He was actually Cesar Cordova, the ombudsman at Marvine ES, a genuine super hero in my book who serves this community well.

It was a small gig, but part of what I do in this microcosm of my home town.