I headed over to Marvine for my last Tuesday before Friday’s big finale. I wanted to see what was still fresh for the kids, add a new Down By the Bay verse and continue on working on kids’ leadership.

The Cat Came Back seems to have really sunk in so we did that right off the bat. Looks like we should sing this on Friday along with our Down By the Bay lyrics.

I introduced Sally Go Round the Sun as a new circle dance and it was a good, get-up-and-move song. The kids did alright but there’s always the boys’ slam-dance motivation, so I had to work on that. We did a reprise of Little Sally Walker dance and the kids responded nicely. We took some time to work on learning and singing the whole song, though. That’s one of the check-marks for me with these sessions. Kids love to dance but often can’t sing and dance at the same time.

We came up with “Giraffe doing a Craft and started to Laugh” and we’ll add it to the song for Friday.

The kids wanted to do Bear Hunt, so we did, but I asked a young girl to come and sit next to me to lead this one. I had to prompt her at first but she came around to lead nicely, including “We’re not afraid” (we went with that) and she did a great ‘scream’ after that, to the amusement of the teachers and the kids. It was great to play off of.

We finished with Jimalong Joe with instruments from the bag. I think I’ll use scarves for Friday though.

I headed over to Fountain Hill and found them doing an event in the gym. Seems Marvine expected me and Fountain Hill didn’t. That’s okay. I got the rest of the morning off.