My friend Carole Devey Schachter signed me up for this assembly for the few days of a four-week English immersion program for Bethlehem Area school students. There were about 50 kids (K -5), 10 counselors and 10 teachers in the gym. I certainly don’t know much Spanish but tried to keep things simple and hope the kids would hang in there. It turned out to be no problem. I was glad that the counselors and teachers joined in and helped create a engaged atmosphere. I Like Peanut Butter, Tutti Tah, I Wanna Be a Dog, Giants, Names to the Animals, Tropical Vacation and Splish Splash had everyone singing, moving and laughing, and we got out the instruments at the end.

As I am doing recently, I gathered everyone to reflect on what we did. The kids came out with standard sing, play, dance and then the teachers came with some richer stuff: hand motions, giggling and laughing, Giants, and the like. I’m glad I’m doing this at the end of some recent assemblies. I find it’s important to have the kids hear from the adults.

These were motivated kids and the overall reaction to the set showed me that, and made the morning pass quickly.