The end of the year gigs are fairly few these days, but always welcome on my schedule. We were at Franklin ES in mid-NJ for two afternoon assemblies: 250 K-2 and 350 3-5 in an “old-school” gym. The PTA woman welcomed us and we got set up quickly for the 1 pm assembly. Both shows went really well, the kids and teachers had a great time and the band played professionally, as usual. I was able to maintain the dialogue and the flow (not always the case when we have large gaps in between shows) and I’m glad I have my new hips working so I can perform standing for two straight shows. No small thing.

The usual high points were the young girls jigging early in the shows, the doo-wop kids nailing I Like Peanut Butter and everyone up and dancing during both shows. As we finished and started to pack up, one third grade teacher came up and said that one student had said to her, not only was it the best assembly he had seen, but the best show he had ever seen. Now that’s pretty cool.

It’s really nice to drive back home after shows like these.