It’s nice that snowed-out gigs get rescheduled with Young Audiences. We picked up one at a small school near Morristown on Thursday at 2 pm, after the rest of the school has gone home. Originally booked for a parent/teacher day, it was an odd “afterschool” gig for the afterschool kids, a mere 70 kids and 4 teachers. It has its own performance peculiarities that were evident today.

There’s a disconnect with the kids and the teachers, both just putting in time at the end of a long day at school. Kids would rather be outside playing or hanging out with little time for more education. I often wish I could do my “solo” material with the band and just have fun, get the kids up dancing and shuck the lessons.

Anyway, the kids got into it, especially during Peanut Butter when four kids come up to sing with us. One male teacher also got up to jig with a young boy in the Irish session, showing that he was willing to take a chance with the kid. Nice.

Towards the end, I gave the ‘roll’ sign to the band to wrap it up quickly. We did and headed back to PA in the late afternoon.