From a good friend and fellow guitarist, Joey Mutis, aka The Electric Farm.
“Very happy to talk with you about your CD. Blush on. You have good reason to be proud! Something I forgot to mention. Your guitar playing is excellent on Troubadour. I admire finger style and hybrid finger style guitar players. It’s what I wish I were better at. N Drake, R Thompson, B Jansch, M J Hurt, B Cockburn, D Graham, Arlo, Albert Lee w/ the Everly’s, Scotty Moore w/Elvis, Merle Travis, McCartney, Curtis Mayfield, Pops Staples, Nic Jones are some examples of my favorites. I also love melodic players who can play over chord changes, as opposed to playing one scale/key over blues changes. Your playing sounds like the guitar player is also the rhythm section. You can make us feel the bass drum, the backbeat and the bass guitar without a band. You can make us dance or tap our feet without a band. It’s all there in your fingers. Your playing reminds me of Levon Helm, in that you “drive” the band. Only, you can do that without a band, I mean, I also love N Young, J J Cale, Mother Maybelle, Carl Wilson, D Davies, R Robertson, P Green etc etc. But I rate finger style players at a higher level. I’m a very confident guitar player, who admires your playing more than any of the “blues” players (which in our area really means rock player with a few blues standards thrown in) who markets themselves or is “seen” as a guitar hero. Oh, and Lessons From Pete is also better than EVERY song I’ve heard from the other accomplished guitar players on Troubadour.”
Thank you for your friendship,