I have a nice relationship with this small preschool in Old Zionsville, run in a old UCC Church there. I’ve done Christmas Eve children’s services here as well a run of weekly arts/education visits several years ago. I’m going to do a family night this spring but one of the parents wanted me to perform for the preschoolers as well.

I was lined up for a 10:45 am slot and then a 12:45 slot for the afternoon kids. The first set was for about 12 4-year olds and I did my usual repertoire of Peanut Butter, Tutti Tah, Down By the Bay, etc. and wound up with kids dancing with my bag of instruments. It was interesting that they were new to rhyming and singing along, but that’s what these sessions are for. I try to take mental notes and gage where they are in their development. I wrapped it up just in time for the kids to get picked up by their folks.

I headed into Macungie to put some air in my tires, deposit the check and go back to the school.

The Tutti Tah

The second set was smaller, with only three girls and three boys and I decided to break out some different material for this set. We did Apples and Bananas, Tutti Tah, Down By the Bay, Bear Hunt and the kids were on the ball. I had good help from the teachers in charge – Wendy and Liz. Wendy help prompt the rhyming by holding up the alphabet chart as we explored the rhymes. It made for a very rich educational session.

Jelly in the Dish with scarves

I decided to break out the scarves for the last part of this session. We did my progression of “disappearing”, emotions and faces, spelling the alphabet and then their names and dancing to Jelly in the Dish. I’m glad that Wendy was mentally taking notes and hopefully can use some of the techniques. These visits are not just for the kids.

It was a pleasure to work with these kids and teachers, especially on a small and very local scale. Wendy also commented that her granddaughter simply loves my CD and boogies in her car seat when they travel together. Not to bad a gig for a cold February day before the snow storm tomorrow.

Here’s a nice quote from a mom, “You have a magical ability to fill both kids and parents souls! Our Weezie bragged to her brothers how she “got to hang out with THE Mr. Fry today!’ Thank you again!”