I’ve made a point of driving 7 or 8 hours up and back to my old home town for this nice farmers’ market on the the town green. It is an upscale community with lots of $$ walking by, but I enjoy the challenge, the opportunity to play for kids and families as well as bang on my guitar for three hours. Today was no different.

There are some regular kids and families that stop by and join in though some familiarity has set in with some of the kids who start pushing the envelope. I had a set of red sunglasses I’ve been giving out (thanks to Pete McDonough), but one kid wanted me to give away my prescription sunglasses that were sitting in the box next to me. “Go away, kid, you bother me.” (WC Fields….)

As usual, there are some great interactions with toddlers, precocious kids and parents who love what I do. It’s these interactions that make the trip worthwhile. But, nothing but $1 tips.

I will do it again next year…..