Today was my annual Halloween Brunch at Brookside Country Club in Macungie. Along with the two Christmas brunches, these are well-paid gigs that I enjoy playing for the kids and families. Today was an overcast day but sun broke out during the afternoon which was great for the folks to take advantage of warmer temps out on the patio where the pumpkin activities were centered. Lots of room to run around with their friends and for their parents to socialize. That left the dining room fairly empty but I had a core group of princesses and dragons who wanted to dance and make music. That’s all I needed.

I have a short set of Halloween songs that I brought out while folks were eating, and gradually kids drifted to the bag of rhythm instruments and joined in. The staff at the Brookside appreciate what I offer, and, if there was bad weather, would have really appreciated my talents. The parents and grandparents also enjoy seeing their offspring enjoying themselves in ways that are different for them. Lots of pictures of the kids dancing.

It wasn’t a terribly great gig, but, still, considering all the bad news swirling around this weekend, I was very glad to immerse myself in playing music for kids.