I got back into the Lehigh Valley in the morning and had a little down time before heading off to Macungie Park to the second annual Fiber Festival. Last year’s inaugural was at Poole Wildlife Sanctuary and now it was moved to a larger town park, good for parking and shelter for the artisans. The organizers gave me the freedom to find a place among the many pavilions of weavers, spinners, tie-dyers, etc. and I parked myself under a big ole tree near some picnic tables and one of the pavilions.

I set off into two hours of tunes, appreciated by the artisans, tapping their feet and smiling. It was a gorgeous afternoon and lots of folks roaming the grounds, digging the wool, colors, etc. I particularly enjoyed chatting with various women who knew me, playing with some kids who stopped by to play instruments and generally de-compressing from the alumni weekend. It was a good way to land on my feet.

Godfrey’s Open Mike this evening. I’m on a roll.