Monday was my second jaunt into Allentown’s schools, this time at Roosevelt and Mosser schools, both of which I’ve played assemblies in the past.

The 9 am session was for a large group of kids at Roosevelt. It seems the different schools have remarkably different turnouts for their summer programs. This was one of the more successful ones. We warmed up with Peanut Butter, Tutti Tah and, in memory of my dog Sam, I Wanna be a Dog. Our Bear Hunt addition was a peculiar one: 3 AM, dark, pitch black 3 AM with a wander in the dark and then a ghost sound. There seems to be a call for ‘standing up and moving’ verses this summer. Per usual, there were a couple of teachers who have raised their kids on my music.

The Mosser school was much more sparse, and the teachers less involved. In fact, some used the session to eat lunch and socialize. They did offer a unique Bear Hunt addition: Hawaii, a vacation in Hawaii with hula dance, surf sounds. I like this one. The kids were great.

Another hot day in Allentown. Good work.