It’s a rare western trip for RockRoots since most of our gigs are in NJ and around Philly, so we enjoyed the hour and a half trip through rural PA. We rolled into Hershey, a fairly affluent small city, Chocolate Town, USA. Mansions, golf course, elegant city buildings, etc. and the library was pretty fine, too.


The children’s librarian greeted us saying that she had seen us at a showcase in Philly a long time ago so she knew what she was getting. Of course, the entire library system has “Libraries Rock!” as their summer reading theme and we were perfect for this event.

There was a good crowd on hand with some curious older folks, kids from several summer camps and general families in attendance. A good mix of ages for this show, so I have to keep things moving and entertaining. I stumbled early on, partly because of the heat/travel and partly because being a little out of practice. But I got my feet under me, and the band was on today.

The kids were great and the adults really dug it, too. Several folks came up afterward and complemented our “talent”, the format and information of the show. The library actually would like us back for an evening show for the adults. Fine with us.

The trip back took longer than expected (w/ ‘Jersey’ conditions with an accident on 78) but a satisfying gig that was appreciated by all.