I’ve been out of action with RockRoots for close to a month with my hip replacement recovery so today’s gig in Verona, NJ was a welcome sign for me. It was the first road trip for me with an hour and a half morning commute to central Jersey. The drive was fine but I was a little worried about how I would handle the gig. I’m still using the cane sparingly and have developed some strength to be able to walk unaided but I wasn’t sure if I could do the whole gig standing.

I brought a stool with me today and since it was a small elementary school (around 150 kids) I thought that I could perform from the stool. It worked well and still was able to get up for some of the proceedings. I was pleased that the show went well and, after a month layoff, I could run the gig smoothly.

I’m still having some difficulty sleeping and the night before I had some of this gig’s uncertainty on my mind. Still, it was a major step back from a month’s recuperation and inaction so I’m glad to be back in action.

Here’s the Facebook image I posted this morning.