I enjoy exercising my adult repertoire at this small bistro in St. Peter’s Village. It’s upscale in its clientele but unassuming in its presentation. Friday night is Pizza Night so the locals stop by with a bottle of wine, meet with friends, have some conversation and good food and sample some acoustic music.

It was a chatty night but that’s okay. It’s expected, but I get to explore my good stuff for two hours, engage the crowd here and there and work for tips. I got out some of my St. Paddy’s songs, played some mandolin tunes and developed some nice repartee with the folks. My left ring finger tip was still bothering me, so I wasn’t as crisp as I usually am here.

The time goes quickly and I get to practise my material, bang on the guitar and mandolin for awhile, take home some Irish bread, a sticky bun for the morning, a fine pizza and about $50 in laundry money.

A good way to finish off the doubleheader day.