I had a mid-morning assembly in central Jersey for a large K – 5 school (450 kids) in the gym. This was a show that had been cancelled 10 days ago for one of the nor’easters that had come through. We got an inch in Bethlehem but they got a foot. I’m always glad that these always get rescheduled. And I was glad it wasn’t a ‘crack o’ dawn’ gig for me; I could leave at a reasonable 7:30 am.

The principal knew me from a school had played nearby so that was good to hear before the kids came in. She knew what she was getting. And the show went swimmingly.

I’ve been dealing with my left hip, soon to be repaired in a couple of weeks, so I have to give thought to working with a stool, a chair or standing up. With so many kids, I knew I had to be visible and moving in order to reach the large audience. I had a stool nearby and used it for a couple of songs in the second half of the show, but actually did okay standing for most of the show. (I can’t wait to fix this thing, aware of how much better I felt when the right hip was replaced two years ago.)

I finished with All Around the Kitchen with kids coming up on stage to share their dances and finishing up with four teachers doing theirs. 500 kids and teachers singing and dancing in front of me, and even the fifth graders were in the moment, having a great time. This is powerful stuff.

Back in the car by 11:15 and headed back to PA.

Tonight, St. Peter’s Bakery.