It’s rare that we play here in our own region, so it was novel not to drive an hour and a half to Somewhere, NJ. We had 2 pm show for about 400 K- 5th graders in an old school auditorium. We loaded in with ease thanks to the newly installed elevator and didn’t have to face the imposing steps out front.

It was a fairly noisy crowd and had to bring the kids back down more than usual. It did affect my concentration on running my lines and I forgot Little Richard. Thanks to the band to pick me up at that point. Distracted driving….

We got big thanks from the staff and several remembered booking me here years ago. In fact, I remember driving here for a family night while the invasion of Iraq had just started that day – “Shock and Awe” and thinking this was a terrible precipass the country was going over. Ain’t that the truth.


Tonight, a Dave’s Night Out with Mary Faith Rhoads at Godfrey’s.