Tuesday night I did my Live From Godfrey Daniels program on WDIY, a slot I share with Dina Hall. I’ve been working on tightening up the format, doing shorter sets, including more ‘single’ cuts from artists while featuring a particular group’s studio album, The format really seemed to work on Tuesday. Good movement, a mix of short cuts with slightly longer sets and CD cuts with high production values.

I happened to play a short set from the Cache Valley Drifters, a wonderful acoustic band from California, and their set from July 1981, 36 years ago. It consisted of an original gospel tune, Journey To My Savior’s Side and an extended jam on The Dead’s Cumberland Blues. Great vocal harmonies and superb guitar and mandolin leads. Good stuff.

It was a particularly good show and felt satisfied with the newer format. Good comments on FB, including some from California.


When I got back home, there was an email waiting in my box from Tom Lee, the bass player from the Cache Valley Drifters.

“Hey, Dave…
I just want to say thanks for playing the tunes tonight (Tuesday the 16th) from the Cache Valley Drifters show at Godfrey Daniels way back in ’81. I’m the bass player, Tom Lee. Boy, did that bring back sweet memories of halcyon days. It also happens that I’m the author of the first song you selected, Journey To My Savior’s Side. We seldom performed it, and never recorded it. It was SUCH a blast to hear it. Our David West – still a beloved friend and band mate to this day – used to sing the holy hell out of it, and it was a real treat to be reminded of its coolness.
You do a terrific show, man. I loved the whole broadcast tonight. Keep up the good work, and count me among your new-found fans.
With great respect, Tom Lee

I was able to reply to Tom, send him the audio files from that night, and, over 36 years and 3000 miles, reconnect with a magical musical moment at Godfrey’s long ago. Cool squared.

As this show evolves, I’m finding more fellow performers and folk music lovers outside the Lehigh Valley who are taking notice of the show, thanks to social media (FB). There is an appreciation of this new archival and creative step in my own development. Whoda thunk?

I truly enjoy my work in radio programming, live performance, Godfrey’s archives, creative writing and more. Still growing.