I was asked to promote Peeps Fest at Arts Quest on December 30th by appearing on the local TV-69’s morning news show. I did this gig last year and I always enjoy the challenge of micro-performing, especially for three minutes of TV coverage. I got there at 7:20 while they were doing a segment on making a Peeps wreath (gack!) and settled in, tuned my guitar for my bit at 7:40.

The woman did a quick interview with me about my sets at Peeps and a mention of my upcoming CD project. She said that they’d love to promote it when in comes out. I then launched into my 2 minutes of music.


I decided to do Zat You, Santa Claus, a good choice in a small spot with clever lyrics, guitar-rapping, some mouth trombone and a tune that could be faded out back in the studio. While I was playing, camera man zoomed in on the guitar, my flatpicking, an occasional sweep of me singing and I think it turned out nice, due to his professional video work (and at 7:40 in the morning!). The crew said the folks back at the station said it came out nicely.

So, I was done by 7:45 and back to my apartment by 7:50. When I got back, there was an email from the YWCA’s Adult Day Services folks for a potential gig. Bang! It worked!